About Us

A Safeway is a family owned and operated company, servicing both residential and commercial customers for over 19 years. We are a multifaceted business specializing in chimney, roofing, gutters and masonry services.

We pride ourselves in offering superior results to our customer base which also includes construction and property management companies. Our primary goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer while offering a knowledgeable, friendly service at affordable rates. In essence, we bring a new level of professionalism to the chimney service industry.

Our clients, from individual home owners to construction and property management companies, rely upon A-Safeway for knowledgeable, friendly service at affordable rates.

If you require experts in chimneys, roofing and gutters, there is no other company to call but A Safeway.We have legions of satisfied customers due to our great reputation for quality and commitment to customer service.

A Safeway ensures that you will always get the best service. We provide honest on-site inspection, true free estimates and same day service. Contact us now!


We have 25/7 Service Available

In the event that your roof needs servicing, you have peace of mind knowing we’re only a phone call away and that we offer emergency service and free estimates. We service roofing on homes, apartment and office buildings, storage facilities, farm buildings, retail establishments and more. Plus, we offer annual inspection contracts to prevent leaking roofs and costly water damage.


We only use the best technology for your chimney

Thermocrete is the premier solution for chimney repair and chimney restoration. With our advanced spray technology, several layers of ceramic flue sealant are sprayed inside each flue. This coating seals all small holes and cracks, strengthens the chimney, flue or lining, and increases efficiency without making it significantly smaller.

Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Sealant (CFS) is a chimney restoration and chimney repair product designed for all types of masonry chimneys. The patented Ceramic Flue Sealant material:

  • Withstands extremely high temperatures
  • Eliminates the need to downsize the flue substantially
  • Keeps costs contained, even for multiple-flue chimneys
  • Increases structural stability
  • Withstands corrosive elements that damage many types of liners

Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Sealant is applied in a semi-liquid form, providing excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces, coating the entire interior surface of the flue, and filling small gaps in the masonry work with a fireproof seal. Multiple layers of the ceramic material are applied, forming a complete and durable chimney sealant, unsurpassed in the industry.